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Martin 000-28 Acoustic Guitar
Martin | Bảo hành 36 tháng
Model #: GTP000047

72.000.000 VND
Đang giảm giá đến 15% 61.200.000 VND


    The STANDARD SERIES is really the foundation of the entire line of Martin guitars.
Historically every instrument we build today has evolved, in some degree, from these classic Martin designs, especially the Dreadnought. The large “Dreadnought” sized body, originated by Frank H. Martin and Oliver Hunt in 1916, is the most widely imitated guitar model in the world. Since its introduction in 1931, the Martin D-28 has remained the standard by which all large-bodied, steel-stringed acoustic guitars are measured. Standard Series guitars feature solid wood top, back and sides, polished gloss finish and hand-fit dovetail neck attachment.

Body: Dreadnought   Cutaway: No
Electronics: None   Neck Joint: Scarf
Number Of Frets Total: 20   Number Of Strings: 6
Top Wood: Solid  Sitka Spruce   Fingerboard: Ebony
Back: Solid  East Indian Rosewood   Bridge: Ebony
Sides: Solid  East Indian Rosewood   Neck: Select Hardwood
Decoration & Hardware
Top Finish: Natural Gloss   Tuners: Gotoh Chrome
Nut And Saddle: Bone   Inlays: Dots
Cấu trúc
Thân đàn: Dreadnought   Khuyết: Không
Electronics: Không   Kiểu nối cần: Scarf
Số phím: 20   Số dây: 6
Chất liệu
Mặt đàn: Solid Sitka Spruce   Mặt phím: Ebony
Lưng đàn: Solid East Indian Rosewood   Bầu ngựa: Ebony
Hông đàn: Solid  East Indian Rosewood   Cần đàn: Select Hardwood
Trang trí và linh kiện
Finish mặt đàn: Bóng tự nhiên   Khóa đàn: Gotoh Chrome
Ngựa và lược: Xương   Inlays: Dots

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