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Boss RC-50 Loop Station Pedal
Boss | Bảo hành 3 tháng
Model #: GTP000256

11.248.750 VND
Đang giảm giá đến 20% 8.999.000 VND


    AD conversion: 24 bit DA conversion: 24 bit Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz Program memories: 99 Nominal input level: -- INST: -10 dBu -- MIC: -50 dBu -- AUX: -16 dBu Input impedance: -- INST: 1 M ohms -- MIC: 1 kilohm -- AUX: 100 kilohms Nominal output level: -- MAIN OUTPUT: -10 dBu -- SUB OUTPUT: -10 dBu Output impedance: -- MAIN OUTPUT: 2 kilohms -- SUB OUTPUT: 2 kilohms -- PHONES: 47 ohms Available recording time*: -- STEREO: Approx. 24 minutes -- MONO: Approx. 49 minutes Control Front panel: -- REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal -- STOP pedal -- TEMPO pedal -- UNDO/REDO pedal -- PHRASE 1 pedal -- PHRASE 2 pedal -- PHRASE 3 pedal -- PATCH/VALUE dial -- PARAMETER buttons -- TAP TEMPO button -- NAME/PATCH button -- CTL/EXP PEDAL button -- SYSTEM/USB button -- EXIT button -- WRITE button -- PLAY MODE button -- LOOP SYNC button -- AUTO REC button -- INPUT MODE button -- OVERDUB MODE button -- LOOP QUANTIZE indicator -- OVERDUB MODE indicators (OVERDUB, REPLACE, MOMENTARY PUNCH-IN) Phrase edit: -- PHRASE LEVEL knobs (PHRASE 1, 2, 3) -- PHRASE buttons (PHRASE 1, 2, 3) -- REVERSE indicators (PHRASE 1, 2, 3) -- ONE SHOT indicators (PHRASE 1, 2, 3) Guide: -- LEVEL knob -- SELECT button -- START/STOP button Input level: -- AUX knob -- MIC knob -- INST knob -- PEAK indicator MASTER: LEVEL knob Rear Panel: -- PHANTOM switch -- POWER switch Others Display: -- 16 characters, 2 lines (backlit LCD) -- 2 characters, 7 segment LED Connectors: -- INST jacks R (MONO)/L (1/4 inch phone type) -- MIC connector (XLR type; supports use of phantom power) -- AUX jack (Stereo miniature phone type) -- MAIN OUTPUT jacks R (MONO)/L (1/4 inch phone type) -- PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type) -- SUB OUTPUT jacks R (MONO)/L (1/4 inch phone type) -- EXP/CTL 3, 4 PEDAL jack (TRS 1/4 inch phone type) -- CTL 1, 2 PEDAL jack (TRS 1/4 inch phone type) -- USB connector -- MIDI connectors (IN/OUT) -- DC IN (AC adapter) jack Power supply; -- DC 9 V: supply AC adapter (Roland ACI or ACB series) Current draw: -- 450 mA Accessories: -- AC adapter (Roland ACI or ACB series) -- USB cable -- Owner's manual -- Roland service (information sheet) -- Sound library for RC-50 (sample phrase CD) Options: -- Foot switch: FS-5U -- Dual foot switch: FS-6 -- Expression pedal: EV-5 (Roland), FV-500L/H (Roland) -- Foot switch cable: PCS-31 (Roland) (Stereo 1/4 inch phone plug-1/4 inch phone plug x 2) Size and Weight Width: 472 mm; 18-5/8 in. Depth: 198 mm; 7-13/16 in. Height: 64 mm; 2-9/16 in. Weight: 2.9 kg; 6 lbs. 7 oz. (excluding AC adapter) * The times listed above take into account the amount of memory needed for the actual recording combined with the memory required for the RC-50's operations (e.g., Undo/Redo).* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

For those awaiting the arrival of a new industry-leading looper, the wait is finally over. Introducing the RC-50 - the most feature-laden Loop Station BOSS has ever built. It's the best live looping tool ever built for that matter. Housed in a spacious seven-footswitch floor unit, the RC-50 Loop Station lets you manipulate three stereo phrase tracks simultaneously, with each track supporting multiple overdubs. In other words, you can record phrase upon phrase, one by one, on each track, resulting in a monstrous stack.


- The new industry-leading looping tool for live performance
- 7 footswitches for intuitive control; realtime control of playback speed
- Play up to 3 stereo phrase tracks simultaneously, all synced to an internal or MIDI clock
- Ultra-long recording time (up to 49 min., mono), 99 patches (3 master loops per patch)
- Undo/Redo function for recording and overdubbing
- Center-cancellation feature, "flat" amplifier simulation feature
- Stereo input, dual stereo output, XLR phantom-powered mic input, stereo mini-jack Aux input (for recording from an MP3 players, etc.)
- USB port for data/audio backup, import/export of loops as WAV files

Loop, Layer, Rock

Ready to blow your audience away? With a single Boss RC-50 Loop Station, a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, or vocalist can create a perfectly synced wall of sound live onstage. There are three simultaneous stereo phrase tracks on the RC-50 Loop Station, each with a dedicated footswitch. Each track can contain dozens of loops/phrases that you stack one by one, so you can imagine how massive your arrangements or solos can become.

In Sync

Whether used as a master or slave, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station can be connected and synced to a MIDI network. For bands that incorporate digital audio tracks, sequences, and/or video elements into their live gigs, sync is not a luxury - it's a necessity. For scenarios such as these, the RC-50 Loop Station can be locked to a master sequencer or clock source, ensuring that your loop performances are absolutely locked. Internally, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station offers Loop Quantize for easy loop recording, Loop Sync (which enables all phrases to start in sync), and Tempo Sync (which matches the tempo of multiple phrases during playback).

Rhythm Guide

To make recording as fun and inspiring as possible, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station provides a total of 379 play-along Rhythm Guide Patterns in a wide variety of time signatures. Why record to a stale click track when you can jam with rockin' grooves instead?

Impressive I/O

The Boss RC-50 Loop Station's rear panel is well stocked with connectors, offering a true stereo input and output path, but that's only the beginning. There are four ways to get audio into the RC-50 Loop Station: 1/4 in. Inst input (L, R/mono), XLR input with 48V phantom power (great for vocal mics), mini-jack aux input, and USB for importing WAV files from computers. Audio can be output via 1/4 in. main stereo outs (L, R/mono), plus 1/4 in. sub stereo outs (L, R/mono), headphone out, and USB for data/audio backup. MIDI in and out jacks are provided. Two 1/4 in. TRS inputs are also provided to accommodate an optional Expression pedal and footswitches; up to four footswitches can be used simultaneously.

Bonus Features

The Boss RC-50 Loop Station has plenty of other noteworthy features on offer, for example: Phrases can be played forward or backward. Phrases can be retriggered in "free time" or on a time-aligned grid. Errors can be corrected on the fly with the Undo/Redo switch. zZounds is an authorized dealer of Boss products.

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